VPA Ratings Explained

VPA Ratings Explained

    VPA Rating

    Every player involved with Vietpadel requires a VPA Rating. This is a system which determines your ability, and helps you find appropriate matches with other players at your level. It will also help you to know which tournament level to enter, and what group coaching lessons you should attend. 
    You can find full details of group lessons here.

    You can visit the Vietnam Padel Association website here to see the Ratings in full. Click on the Mens Ratings tab or Womens Ratings tab as needed.

    Once on that pade, you will see various columns. 

    Your VPR Rating is your ability rating. This will be impacted by your results in ranking matches (tournaments, leagues, americanos). 
    It will be updated once per month.
    We also use this to determine the seedings in Tournaments by combining your VPA rating with your partner to have a total score. The highest ranked pair in the category would be number 1 seeds, 2nd highest 2nd seeds and so on. 
    If a previously unranked player enters a tournament, it will be our best to find out their ability level and give them a VPR rating which is as fair as possible.  


    Next is your Vietpadel rating. We have 10 Vietpadel Levels. These are used to help group players together accurately. 
    You should use this Level guide to ensure you attend the right Group Lesson or to enter a tournament or Americano at the right level.
    It can also be used when finding players to play with for friendly matches - for example in the whatsapp groups, beginner+ or intermediate can be quite vague or subjective, so you could now post
    "Looking for players at level 3 or 4"

    If you believe your Vietpal Level or VPR rating is wildly inaccurate, please let us know and we can chat about it, or the next steps. The best way to improve your rating is playing well in a tournament, league match or Americano. 


    Finally, there is the International Level column. This shows how your Vietpadel level compares to the world. 

    As an example, if you travel abroad and want to play a padel match, you will often be asked for your level to find players at a similar level. 
    The words beginner or intermediate can mean very different things in different nations. 



    VPR Ratings Explained

    Below are explanations of how the system works after the initial rating has been allocated to you.  


    In simple terms, the better your ability, the more matches the rating system expects you to win. The better you become, the smaller the ratings reward for winning a match against someone rated lower than you.


    Many things can impact the gain or loss you receive;

    1. The ability and rating of your playing partner
    2. The ability and rating of your opponents
    3. The margin of victory/defeat - for example, winning 6-0 will get you more points that winning 6-4
    4. The overall sets score = for example in a best of 3 set match, losing 2-0 will be worse than losing 2-1




    Here are some examples for you to see how the system works and the points rewards. 

    Player A - rating 500 Player C - rating 350
    Player B - rating 350 Player D - rating 350

    Based on this, Team AB are rated at 850 overall. Team CD are rated at 700. Therefore, the system believes that Team AB should win this match. 

    If Team AB wins, the rating gain is small for them. It also means the rating loss for Team CD is small. Here are some more exact figures. 

    If team AB wins 6-4 6-4, their point gain is only 3 points per player because this is an expected result, and team CD have actually competed well here given the rating difference. 

    If team AB wins 6-0, 6-1, their point gain will be 5 points per player, because this is a comprehensive victory and they will be better rewarded for this. 

     The same conclusion can come for Team CD - losing 6-4 6-4 will see them drop 3 points per player, but losing 6-0 6-1 will see them lose 5 points each. 

    However, if Team CD win 6-4 6-4, they will gain 9 points per player, and if they win 6-0 
    6-1, their rating will increase by 16 points each. 
    In this scenario, Team AB will lose the same points that CD have gained.




    Player A - rating 300 Player C - rating 320
    Player B - rating 310 Player D - rating 295

    Here we have very evenly matched teams, 610 v 615.

    AB wins 6-4 6-4 - 6 points gain for each winner and 6pt loss for each loser
    CD win 6-4 6-4 - 6 points 

     AB won 6-0 6-0 - 11.5 points
    CD won 6-0 6-0 - 11 points

    AB wins 6-2 2-6 6-4 - 5 points 
    CD wins 6-2 2-6 6-4 - 4.5 points

    CD win 6-3 3-6 6-0 - 7 points
    CD win 6-3 3-6 6-4 - 4.5 points

    CD wins 6-3 - 5 points

    Every single game means something. Every golden point is crucial - not just for the match, but for your rating.




    Tournament Scenario

    A pair are rated at 400 and 370, compared to 770 total as a pair. 

    Here are their tournament results;

    Round Opposition Rating Score Win/Loss Rating Gain/Loss
    Group Stage 600 6-4 Win +2
    Group Stage 750 6-3 Win +5
    Group Stage 820 2-6 Loss -5
    QF 700 7-5 Win +3.5
    SF 900 1-6 1-6 Loss -5.5
    3rd/4th place 750 2-6 5-7 Loss -8

    So the team finished 4th in the tournament, winning 3 matches and losing 3 matches. 

    Overall their total rating would be an 8 point loss due to;
    1. Quality of opposition they beat and lost to
    2. Margins of wins and losses


    Additional Points

    - Men only receive rating points or lose points for matches played in Mens only categories. The do not see their rating impacted for matches in Mixed Doubles. 

    - Women receive rating points for matches played in Womens Doubles and Mixed Doubles. 

    - Americano tournaments offer a small amount of bonus points to all players involved - men and women. 

    - The ratings for all players will be updated once per month, at the end of the calendar month. 

    - In the scenario of a League, the league must finish completely before any results from the league are input to the system, and have an impact upon the ratings. 


    Other tabs

    VPA Year Ranking Men
    This ranking shows the performance of players in tournaments over the past 365 days. This does not run January to December, but 365 days backwards from the day we are currently on. So in June 2024, you can see who has been the best performing player since June 2023. 

    We measure this based upon the players performance and results in monthly tournaments. 
    In a VPA 10 tournament, the winner of mens A will receive 100 points. In a VPA 30 tournament, the winner will receive 300 points. In a VPA 50, the winner will receive 500 points. 2nd, 3rd 4th etc will then receive less points, and lower ranked categories will also receive less points. 
    Full details of points can be seen before each tournament. 


    Road to Saigon 2024

    This is similar to the above, but a calculator of the calander year. In December, there will be a Masters final tournament, which will have the best performing players from 2024 invited to play. There will be limited places on offer for this tournament, and a 2024 Road to Saigon Winner will be crowned as the yearly Champion. 


    For Mens A division, the more points on offer in a tournament, the longer the tournament will be. 

    VPA 10 tournament - 1 set matches
    Masters 30 - Best of 3 set matches with Super tie-break for 3rd set
    Masters 50 - Best of 3 set matches - 3 full sets