Vietpadel Camps - Don't know what to do during holidays, stay active & fit. Play Padel!

Vietpadel Camps - Don't know what to do during holidays, stay active & fit. Play Padel!
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    In this program your child will be experiencing different aspects of multiple sports, the physical part, the tactical part and the technical part. Our coaches will go through details of each sport, explaining the game & rules, how to play each of them. The purpose of the program is to:

    1. Keep the children active during the summer holidays
    2. Socialize in a fun and active environment
    3. Develop athleticism and coordinations
    4. Learn different techniques in different sports.
    5. Learn life skills through sports like competitiveness, perseverance, resilience.
    6. Improve physical abilities, coordination, motor skills through different activities.

    INTRODUCE the fastest growing sport in the world: “Padel”

    CAMPS SEASON 2021-2022 (Schedule & Dates)

    - Autumn Break Camp

    Week 1: October 11th.2021 to October 15th 2021

    - Christmas Camp

    Week 1: Monday December 20th to Friday December 24th.2021

    Week 2: Monday December 27th to Friday December 31st.2021

    Week 3: Monday January 3rd to Friday Jaunuary 7th.2022

    - Spring Break Camp

    Week 1: Monday April 4th to Friday April 8th.2022

    Week 2: Monday April 11th to Friday April 15th.2022

    - Summer Camp

    Week 1: Monday June 20th to Friday June 24th.2022

    Week 2: Monday June 27th to Friday July 1st.2022

    Week 3: Monday July 4th to Friday July 8th.2022

    Week 4: Monday July 11th to Friday July 15th.2022

    Week 5: Monday July 18th to Friday July 22th.2022

    Week 6: Monday July 25th to Friday July 29th.2022

    Week 7: Monday August 1st to Friday August 5th.2022

    Week 8: Monday August 8th to Friday August 12th.2022

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