Date Submitted: 26/01/2024 12:51 PM


    • Members can pay court rental fee and coaching fee according to the pricing table displayed at our receptionist. Payment methods available are cash or bank transfer.
    • We offer Tennis and Padel courses for adult and children from 4-6 years old. New course opening everyweek.
    • Members or coaches are responsible for full payment of court rental fee in order to confirm court booking. If cancel, please inform us at least 48h ahead so the booking can be rescheduled to another date without any extra fee. There will be a 50% fee for rescheduling if we are only informed about the cancelation 24h-48h ahead. If the cancellation is within 24h ahead, we will not have any responsibility in rescheduling the booking.
    • Members have to leave the court when time is up, no matter if the next players show up on time or not.
    • No sport betting allowed within the club. Any type of betting will not be allowed and members will be asked to leave the club if violated.
    • Booking in group of 3-5 members will be qualified for a discount. When registering a whole quarter or semester, members will be rewarded extra sessions or special gifts from the club.
    • If members have registered the courses but are unable to continue, the rest of the sessions will be saved for next month. However, the total reserved time should not exceed 3 months.
    • If raining starts 30 minutes before the session and does not end when the session starts, the session will be canceled and rescheduled to another date.
    • If raining is within the first 30 minutes of the session, the next session will have 30 minutes addon.
    • If raining happens in the last 30 minutes of the session, that session will still be counted as a regular full session.
    • Note: the above policy will only be applied when raining happens at the location of the club.
    • Members will be responsible for their own health condition when participating at the club.
    • Racquet rental: Members have the responsibility to check the condition of the racquets (detect any crack, break) before and during use. Members have to inform our staff if the racquet is damaged before renting. If the racquet is damaged during the play, members have to compensate 2 million VND per racquet.
    • For damaging facilities:
      • For tennis court, if wearing hard sole shoes or spit chewing gum on to the court, will be penalized 1 to 2 million VND.
      • Do not move tables, chairs or court equipments without permission from club managers. If violated, will be penalized 1 million VND.
      • If players break or damage the net intentionally (smashing out of frustration or climb over the net), will have to pay cost of repair of 1 million VND.
      • If players intentionally break the glass (smashing, throwing racquets at the glass), will have to pay cost of repair depending on the size of glass as following: 2m x 2m glass will cost 3 million VND; 2m x 3m glass will cost 5 million VND.
      • If players intentionally break the LED lights, will have to pay cost of repair of 4 million VND per light.

    • All payment will not be refunded under any circumstances and therefore, members need to consider the policy carefully before paying.