The main benefits to Vietpadel membership are;

    - unlimited play and booking of courts, within the booking rules

    - selected discounts, such as cheaper lesson prices


    2024 Membership Policies


    1. Renewal of memberships involved in a Corporate Membership Package discount. This will be allowed if your current membership ends within 1 month of the payment date of the group. 

    If your membership has more than 1 month remaining on it, you will not be able to join the current group, and would have to join a future Corporate Membership Package. 

    To clarify, if a group plan to beging a membership on June 1st, but your membership ends on July 14th, you would not be able to join that group. 


    2. If you sustain a serious injury or health issue during your membership which lasts for 3 weeks or longer, we can delay the end date of your membership. Any injury or health issue would need to be evidenced with proof from a doctor. Any reporting of this health issue or injury should be direct to Vietpadel management and will remain confidential within our management team. 

    Any health issue that is shorter than 3 weeks, or is not supported with advice from a doctor or medical professional would mean that no membership end date extentsion would be given. 


    3. Membership extenstions will not be provided if you have to leave the country for work or travel purposes.