Women Social Padel Class

Women Social Padel Class
Date Submitted: 24/10/2021 06:14 AM

    In order to introduce and develop the sport of padel as well as create a social environment for ladies, Vietpadel opens weekly Women Social Padel Class. 

    1. Participants: this class is for all beginners and intermediate-level players.

    2. Schedule:

    Morning from 8:30am to 9:30am - every Tuesday, Thursday.

    Tuesday: (kills&drift) for beginners and intermediate.

    Thursday: skills & drills.

    Friday: 8am - 10am Social woman americano with 1.5h special price only 150k.

    Free for membership.

    3. Fee:

    250.000 VND /person /session (1 hours).

    4. For registration, please contact Vietpadel.

    Phone: 0938 968 717

    Email: vietpadel@gmail.com