2024 Team Leagues

2024 Team Leagues

    2024 Team Leagues

    In 2024, we will be running a Team League for the following categories. 

    Mens A
    Mens B
    Mens C
    Mens D
    Mixed Doubles

    The full rules and qualification requirements can be seen below. 

    The league will begin in March 2024 - Full details and schedule will be confirmed later. 


    VPA Points Thresholds

    Mens A - 4 players rating added together must be between 1500-1700
    Mens B - 1300-1500
    Mens C - 1100-1300
    Mens D - Less than 1100

    Mixed Doubles - no rating requirements



    - For all categories, teams must have 4 members. For men, this will be 4 male players. For mixed, this would be 2 male and 2 female players. 
    - For each category, there will be a minimum entry VPA rating requirement and a maximum also. The 4 players ratings combined must be with the rating threshold. 
    - Each player on the team will be required to play a minimum amount of times. This number will be confirmed once we have all team entries and can confirm how many fixes there will be. 
    - Each team will be scheduled one match per week against another team. The team can choose 2 of their 4 players to play in the match. 
    - Players in a team can not be replaced. If a player in injured or out of the country, then another player should be selected for a fixture. Teams can continue in the tournament with 2 or 3 players. If a team drops to 1 available player, they must forfeit all of their remaining fixtures. 
    - A schedule will be given with 1 fixture per team per week. This schedule should be followed exactly. Fixtures can not be changed from week to week. A match could be played ahead of schedule, but can not be played behind schedule. 
    - In a scheduled week, teams can talk to each other about arranging a day and time for the match within the week. If teams cannot agree on a day and time between Sunday and Friday, the match must be played on the final day of the week, the Saturday. If team A cannot provide a pair of 2 from their 4 to play on the Saturday but Team B can, then Team A will forfeit the fixture. 
    - All matches in all levels will be best of 3 set matches. Mens A and B will be 3 full sets with all remaining levels playing a super-tie-break for the 3rd set. All matches will use the golden points rule.