Level descriptions and ratings in Vietnam

Level descriptions and ratings in Vietnam
Date Submitted: 24/07/2023 11:48 AM

    Why "VPR"?

    In order to grow Padel in Vietnam, players need a good rating system, which give them their level to compare with other. It motivates players to improve their rating and try to reach their best potential.

    With a good rating system, VPA will be able to build a strong competition program for all, starting from juniors, adults, seniors, as well as women and men.

    There are 4 categories: A,B,C and D, inside each categories there is a bracket of ratings. Starting form D-Level category which is the lowest category for beginners to the A-Level category which is the highest, reserved to the elite players in Vietnam and the world, this category is for Pro players. Most of the players will be in the B and C-Level categories which will be intermediate to advanced players.

    Our rating system is based on a formula, which calculate the difference between players to give an expected results based on probability. After each official matches, players are able to see their new ratings as well as their opponents ratings.

    The more you win, the more your rating get higher!!