Throughout each week, we offer a variety of Americano style tournaments, sponsored by Nespresso Vietnam. 

    An Americano is a very short mini-tournament with a friendly environment, but a competitive edge, with bonus points available for your VPA Rating. (More rating information can be found here .)

    The idea of ​​an individual Americano is that every participant plays with all the other participants. You gather points for yourself by winning points during matches. A match lasts for a predefined number of points and is usually played in a tie-break format. 
    For a team Americano, the same principals remain, but you keep your partner throughout the event, playing a match against every other team. 

    You can see our Americano schedule below and sign up here . Please note the level each Americano is aimed at so please try to participate in an Americano which is suitable for your level.

    You can find your level here , or if you are new to Vietpadel and are unsure of your level, please get in touch via the ' Contact Us ' section at the top of this page. 

    The VPA Rating Bonus points available are as follows;

    Individual & Team Americano
    Winner - 5 points
    2nd - 4 points
    3rd - 3 points
    4th - 2
    5th - 1
    6th - 0
    7th - -2
    8th - -3