9 TIPS for Padel beginner players

9 TIPS for Padel beginner players
Date Submitted: 03/08/2021 11:49 AM
    1. Do not miss the warm-up. This sport requires high physical performance, so if you do not have experience or a good physical condition, we recommend a good warm-up before starting to play if you do not want to start with an injury.
    1. Play with better players. Practice in a high intensity environment with players who are better that you, it will make you learn more and faster. It may not be noticeable at first, but your level will be increased when the situation is more difficult.
    1. Find a good coach. The coach is a fundamental character in the training since he can improve your technique or provide numerous tips and tactics that can be put into practice afterwards.
    1. Watch and learn. There is nothing better than watching how others do it and then practicing the best plays. Also, looking at what the best players do will provide more insight about the game.
    1. Learn basic positioning. It is very difficult to defend or attack the position if you do not know the strategic places. Understanding the game and positioning yourself gets 90% of the points.
    1. Constancy and perseverance. These beginner padel tips mean that a frequent practice is essential to understand the game and be more difficult to beat. Play about 2-3 times a week, focusing on improving your practice, or even play against a wall, which can sometimes be helpful.
    1. The importance of control. A common mistake for beginners is hitting the ball too hard. This is not necessary at all. Think how hard you can hit the ball and cut it in half. This helps to learn the importance of control in padel. The concentration on the ball and not on the opponent is the best weapon in competition, and also building up a great technique.
    1. The equipment. One of the important aspects is to get equipped correctly. The racket must be the right one for you and you should find the best accessories according to your profile and level. Bullpadel is the benchmark brand worldwide for padel equipment, where you can find everything you need.
    1. Enjoy the experience. The padel is not attractive only for its benefits, it also creates addiction within the game, therefore, we recommend that amateur players enjoy each shot.
    (Source: Internation Padel Experience)